Thursday, 26 November 2015

One For the Dads! Read a Great Piece of Writing From Jake

Minecraft Gets Old!

by Jake

Once upon a time there lived a  boy called Jake who was obsessed with Minecraft. He loved how there was TNT, Blocks and Players and so much more. He played Creative  and Survival. He made houses and farms but what he didn't know was… it was about to come to an end. (You know parents trying to get their children off devices?)

But one day the Mums and Dads got so angry that  they  built a robot. That robot scanned the whole world for children on devices but the kids didn’t like this so there was a war between kids and adults.  After a few hours kids won.

They played Minecraft for days,months,years but one day a kid became an adult. Then this happened more and more and more but Minecraft didn’t stop. It went on… …  …………..
………….....because adults are just secretly older kids!

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